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    There are scientists and people out there who believe many myths behind extra-terrestrials. So I just want to know if YOU believe in aliens. Do you think there are life forms living on other planets? Are reports of alien sightings genuine? Or are people letting their imaginations run wild? These are the questions that have been bothering me lately.

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    I do. There are many videos that showing thay exists.

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    From my child hood since I have seen such movies I tend to believe it.

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    Yeah Aliens definetely are existing.. They may not be Aliens, they may be just other living creatures, just think about it logical.. there is thousands of millions stars in the universe, there are so many galaxies you can't count... In thoose galaxies there are planets if i good recall from astronomy, do you really stupid enough to think that we are alone ?..

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    yes, i believe .universe is very big so can't say anything but sometimes scientists also believing on their living then how can i deny ?

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    no i don't believe on them but i wish i be Vampire :p cuz my teeth like Vampires :D

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    I wont think about that.

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    Honestly, I never thought, so I'm confused I do not know what to say :)
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    no i don't believe in aliens

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    I do. I am one of them.
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