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    It is really possible to have a unmetered traffic? Or its just a trick?

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    Yes, it is possible. But you must read the T.O.S if you purchase. If you use to much bandwidth thay will cut the 100mbs to 10mbs.

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    Yes, there are providers that offers that.

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    yes, most provider will provide like 10M unmetered
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    Yes it is possible. German servers are with unmetered bandwidth.

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    I recommend read TOS and contact online help for this question
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    Go for stability, not just size. Just because the host if offering you unmetered and unlimited space, doesn't mean you should soley base your decision on that.
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    One of the great things about vps servers is that it can provide more resources than you would need for the application it is used for. Even low priced vps servers out perform shared hosting by far. It is like the electric meter in your home it is unmetered in that the electric company will provide you with more electric at your front door than you could possible use.
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    yes, always read the TOS! But why will you need real unlimited transfer? 99.9% of all (regular) users will have less than 50 GB traffic per month. So most unmetered offers are with this in mind.

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    When talking about unmetered traffic it can be one out of two options.
    1. truly unmetered, you can use all of the available 1/10/100 Mb/sec all the time 24/7 for the whole month.
    2. You will get full access to the 1/10/100 Mb/sec up to a certain amount of traffic, like 10TB. After that the portspeed is lowered to a tenth of your original speed.

    When speaking of VPS, you are sharing the port speed with everyone else on that node. So even if you have 100Mb/sec unmetered, don't expect to use all of it 24/7. You have neighbours the think of.
    When offered unmetered on VPS it's important to check the port speed on the node itself. Best option is when the node has a 1 Gb/sec network interface and your VPS is limited to 100Mb/sec.
    You will have greater chance of using your promised bandwidth.


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