Just thought I'd contribute to this section.

For just $10, I'm selling Social Media Presence. That includes:
200 400 "Likes" / "Follows" / "Subscribes"

  • Facebook Page Likes
  • Facebook Profile Subscribers
  • Twitter Followers
  • Pinterest Followers
  • Youtube Subscribers
  • Soundcloud Followers
  • Delicious Followers
  • Google Circles
  • Stumbleupon Followers

All REAL, not bots and not demographically targeted.

Bonus: Can be combined. (example: 200 facebook likes, 100 twitter followers and 100 youtube subscribers.)

Payment method: PayPal, or other service that supports bank accounts like PayPal does.
Completion days: 1-5 days.
Limitation: I reserve the right to decline a page if it seems "inappropriate".

Thanks for reading.