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  1. I just used to watching Korean, Japanese , Taiwan and Chinese drama which are best for free time and you learn about their culture and food. it is fun to watch these type of drama. i hope you like it.

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    Dec 2016
    I do yoga when I get time. It helps me to keep stress free.

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    On hangover, rainy days, etc i love to play some great games on ps4

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    Aug 2017
    I spend my time in my PET pigeons,Playing Mobile Games ''LORD MOBILE'' Litsening Video Games Soundtrack and Super Sentai

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    Jun 2015
    I play games. | Secure,Fast and Reliable Hosting
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    Oct 2017
    I need to say that some of you are very lucky to have enough extra time in a day to be bored! I rarely have left-over time to be bored nowadays. I think it's because my wife just had a baby and we are both very new to this. The only extra time i get..i go through my one and only favorite forum...this one!

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    Movies .. go to friends .. playing games ..what not .. world is full of entertainment and no way i get bored usually

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    May 2015
    I love to play PC games in my leisure time.

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    I love to read. I read a few books every year, sometimes even more than a few. :)


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