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    What are you favourite free times activities? What is your hobby?

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    i just used to play games most of the time and use to clean my room

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    Feb 2013
    I have no free time, being a house-owner --- there's always something to do -_- the guides to administer your lowend vps -_- FREE webhosting, more options available. -_- 3.00 p/year 64/128mb OpenVZ VPS

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    When i am bored I will play games in my PC.

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    Dec 2012
    Depends on my mod, Some times i like music and sometimes i usually go go for walk when i bored.

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    Nice sharing.I like this.

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    Sleep, Go for a walk or take a shower or eat at a nice restaurant or hear songs that i haven't heard for a while :)

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    i like to watch internet and listen to music also going out and smoking is one more option lol

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    Jan 2014
    play games, look at forums.., give discount ticket for my hosting ... :D


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