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    What is your favorite internet browser ?

    Hello everyone

    what is your favorite Internet browser ?

    For me i like Opera because its fast and i can open alots tabs without get any Hanging :)

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    Firefox for me. I have used explorer like 5 years but now i have installed firefox and ill not change it anymore.

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    I like Mozilla Firefox

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    Firefox used to be good, however i do feel like it is a bit bloated now. I have switched to chrome and we run chrome in all the office computers.

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    Mozilla firefox and google chrome is my best browsers.. other browsers are not as good like these two.

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    I love Google chrome because it supports almost all plugins

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    Synced with all of my devices. If I did a bookmark on my office PC, it will appear on my phone and home PC too.
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    Mine favorite Internet browser is Mozilla
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    Firefox :)

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