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    Aug 2016
    i use chrome, and it's fast browser

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    Nov 2016
    I liked Chrome, but it uses a lot of memory, so I changed to Opera

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    Quote Originally Posted by eurobia View Post
    What is your favorite internet browser ?

    Hello everyone

    what is your favorite Internet browser ?

    For me i like Opera because its fast and i can open alots tabs without get any Hanging :)
    Obourse google chrome and mozilla firebox

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    but I'm also using portable firefox and palemoon for various tasks.
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    I used Mozilla Firefox because t is user friendly & it has many addon & features.

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    Definatelly Firefox, but sometimes when i need page translator i got to use Chrome

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    Second:Mozilla Firefox

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    I have used Google chrome for several years.

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    hello... i think google chrome is one of the best web browser at the moment... its really user-friendly...

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    Mozilla first and then opera

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