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    Hi, I want to buy a domain and how can I research it? I want create a blog site on programming tutorial. Anybody help me.

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    What do you mean with "research it" ?

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    You don't have to use keywords tool to research for the best keyword. All you need to do is to come up with a unique domain name for your programming tutorial site and do your best to promote it so that it will rank will in the SERP.

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    There is every change that you can buy an old domain which is for sale by its current owner at very reasonable price. You can checkout sites like flippa.com to get an established domain rather than buying a brand new domain and start from the scratch.

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    Just use Google keyword planner to get good domain keywords and use them for searching at Godaddy or else use some Domain, keyword suggestion tool for getting an exact domain.

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    By the word "research", are talking about domain provider or the "Blog site" itself??
    Because with the domain provider we can help you, not goes same with Blog site because you have to know about your capacity better than others which is more required to start up a business of any kind.

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    What type of programming you need? and which type of language? Try searching expired domains that gives some boost in serp for ranking better.

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    I guess you are asking for whether domain can be registered or not. You can check for domain availability at, milesweb.com/domains.php

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    What kind of research you are doing?

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    ahrefs or another good link checker is always a good start

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