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    Finally Make Money Online

    I do not claim to be a guru or expert. I learn new things every day. I only talk from experience. And these are only my opinions.

    So, here's what I've learned over the years that "can" increase your chance of success online.

    Plus what I've seen and heard others doing or not doing.

    Don't Complicate it - I see SO many people over-complicate this simple process, and then they get overwhelmed and often quit or give up.
    It's not rocket science.

    Have something to sell. People to sell it to. Sales Copy/Advertisement.

    Done. Period. End of story.

    Why does it need to be more complicated?

    Too many people make it into more than it has to be.

    Sure there can be a few more things to it, but that is the very basic formula that works. Has worked for many years. Before the net was even a thought. It works every day for the people who play ads on your radio or television, or place ads in the newspaper. Even the annoying and increasing ads on video's.

    Get back to the basics.

    Do Something You At Least Kind of Like - Building a business is not always going to be happy, happy, joy, joy every day. Some of the things you will need to do will be boring, mind numbing or time consuming.

    I am only saying, maybe skip some of those things that you just hate to do.

    Years back article marketing use to be the hot promotional method. While I enjoy writing, I just couldn't get into the swing of writing tons of articles all the time. So I never really did much with it. I still had traffic and made money.

    Now, I am not saying you need to use this to make excuses or make up reasons not to do anything. Just saying, you don't always have to do everything the guru's tell you.

    And there will be times you need to buckle down and get it done, whether you like it or not.

    Finish What You Started - If you don't finish something, get it out there or promote it, how much money will it make you? Zero. Zilch. Nada.

    We've all been there. Few of us finish everything we start. I'm guilty the same as everyone else.

    But the more projects you finish and promote, the more success you'll find. It's almost guaranteed.

    Funny, some folks who don't finish something will go so far as to say "it doesn't work". Okay... ya it defiantly won't work if it's not done. Don't be that guy.

    Promote, Promote and Promote some more - When I use to do websites for offline businesses, I always gave them the same analogy... A website is like a store in the woods. No one will find it until you build roads to it. Or get people talking about it or telling others.

    The experts will say 80% of your time should be spent on promotion. I have to agree it sounds like a good idea. Almost every time I've worked hard at promoting, it's come back. Might not even be right away, sometimes it comes back to you later.

    Here's something to think about:

    Multiple streams of traffic + Multiple streams of income = Greater more reliable success.

    For example...

    I can tell you from firsthand experience that SEO does not last forever. I don't care what the SEO guru's say, you won't keep your ranks forever.

    There might be some exceptions to that rule, but very few. Not saying you shouldn't do SEO, of course you should. Just don't make it your only source of traffic.

    I've made the mistake of relying too much on search engine traffic. It's come back to bite me TOO many times.

    I've also have profitable traffic sources dry up over night.

    If you're doing this net thing for a living, as your main source of cash, it could be a rude and defeating awakening.

    Same goes for income sources. They can and sometimes do vanish, stop paying you or keep your money. Hate to be negative, but it's a fact. Sure it's rare, but if all your eggs are in one basket and the bunny hops off with it, you're out of luck.

    You'll have much less up and down if you diversify.

    Test, Test, Test - Did I say test?

    It amazes me, how many people don't track and test their ads. Bloggers are bad for this. They just slap up an banner and it's like.. whatever.

    Let's face it... it can be tough to get traffic. Really tough sometimes.

    So it's only in our best interest to make the most of what we do get. Squeeze as much from the hits we do get.

    There's no excuse these days. Ad or banner tracking and rotation scripts and plugins are all over the place.

    Even small improvements here and there can make a big difference to your pay pal balance.

    I think most people would be shocked to know how low performing their ads really are.

    How much money are you losing?

    Okay, That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

    Rambled enough.

    What do you have to say? Anything to add? Speak up...

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    The above article is copied from webmastersun.com/threads/11679-Finally-Make-Money-Online
    Can't you provide some good information by yourself instead of copying form some other forums?

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    Very nice article thanks for share

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    google seo is still basic. when we have not alot of money we should begin with seo . Facebook ads are still running is your opportunity to help spike sales but i Cost a lot of money. my opinion is always right start with seo. thank for your share!

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    Please share unique thread that reliable to us and we get a info for thread only share that post.

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    There are lot method to earn money online but is very hard to reach at reliable source. and also if you want to earn good amount of money than you need some kind of extra talent like you are able to write good article etc.

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    Yes agree with what suresh said in that you copied your post from webmastersun forum by user Ron Killian. Also the title of this post is quite misleading as I thought you would be listing possible websites where we can earn money on.

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    I think I can give it a try.

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    I like the idea

    Multiple streams of traffic + Multiple streams of income = Greater more reliable success.


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