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    Sep 2012

    what will i get more visitor on my link in social network?

    I'm a graphics designer. I think that need many visitor in social network media link . It's increase traffic my site.

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    I cant understand what is your question here? "I think that need many visitor in social network media link . It's increase traffic my site." do you need to know what will happen if you get more visitor? or you want to know how to get more visitor? please explain so that we can help you with that.

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    Jan 2016
    If you are graphic designer or web designer that doesn't needs to make more social media links or promotion. Just try organic traffic that generate more leads or sales for you.

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    First, you need to attract more friends or fans. Second, you create interesting posts. More people read, more trafiics will be gotten.
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    you ar a graphics designer. That is one advantage to create good content for seo and increase traffic your site.Please design video and image pretty and have Useful Articles

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    What about showcasing your work in a youtube video and add your website link in the description? Free traffic. Might not be a lot but atleast it's targeted traffic. ;)

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    seo is best way to increasing traffic or visitor in your website.

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    I think you just need to hire a seo guy who can do it for you when you are busy in making designs. :)


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