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    Ways To Make Passive Income By Making Niche Websites

    If you have heard about niche marketing, then you are on your way to learning how to make money with niche websites. However, if you have not heard of this term, then read on to find out what it is.

    Niche marketing is a really profitable practice made by up-and-coming online businesses. It aims in targeting many micro niches in order to make money on the Internet. By “micro,” I’m talking about niches that have not been used by any other marketer. If you tap into these undiscovered niches, you will not have to go up against big and well-known businesses. Instead, you will be meeting the needs and wants of a focused group of consumers that have been longing to buy information and products pertaining to your niche.

    Doing business this way is very exciting since you get to go into the many popular, trending, and new niches and markets online. With niche marketing, not only can you earn passive income, but you also learn a lot of new things with every niche you venture into.

    I have mastered how to make money with niche websites and blogs that promote affiliate products to a variety of profitable niches. I aim to build two to three niche websites every week in order to cater to moneymaking micro niches. But before you can even begin in building and designing your own niche website, you have to do thorough keyword and market research to make sure that there are people who exist in the micro-niche you want to pursue. This is very important in helping you become successful in niche marketing.

    In niche marketing, you will know how to make money with niche websites and get to make multiple sources of passive income. For my own moneymaking websites, I do my own research to find the top 10 most profitable niches that I could go into. I know I said earlier that you should only target untapped micro niches instead of the popular ones, but let me clarify this. In order to find untapped niches, I identify the ten most popular and profitable niches first and then I narrow them down. This way I am able to find sub-niches.

    And voila! By narrowing popular niches down to something a bit more focused, I get micro sub-niches that I can venture into. I can then avoid too much competition this way and just focus on exploring what are some ways I can make money.

    The practice of niche marketing has become widespread and a lot of online marketers have been earning a lot of money from utilizing it. I’m earning a lot from it too after searching what are some ways I can make money. It will really work for you as long as you put in your time, effort, and money in building a lot of niche websites every week. By doing niche marketing, your online income can grow exponentially for a long time. You may have seen online marketing gurus telling you how they have achieved their wealth using their “secret” tricks and techniques. While they do make a lot of money online, the truth is they don’t really have any tricks or techniques considered secret. These gurus have earned their millions by putting in a lot of hard work, time, and money to invest in their profitable niche websites.

    The logic here is very simple: they made money from niche marketing, which is already changing the way people make money online. The difference here is the income stream—with niche marketing, you are not generating active income streams; you are earning PASSIVE income. Plus, these gurus’ niche sites are not the simple ones built from “revolutionary” software that lets you create a website in minutes. They have actually spent a lot of time, effort, and money in building their quality niche sites in order to earn profit from them.

    The secret of online marketing gurus: Nothing. Every online marketing guru you come across just create more profitable niche websites. By the end of the day, they have already made a huge amount of money online. Looking at the 80/20 rule, you will see that only 20 percent of the many online marketers today are making the most from niche marketing. It’s because they know how to do it the right way.

    You may have been asking yourself, “What are some ways I can make money?” for a while now. Well, this is it—niche marketing. And if you want to learn how to make money the right way and join the successful online marketers, then you should take the opportunity of getting started with your first niche website.

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    The micro niche websites era is over my friend. You may still focus on PBN.

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    I know that there are some webmasters who create these small niche websites and flip them in a short period at Flippa. But I don't know how they managed to generate income in such a short time and come up with the earning proofs.

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    Jan 2016
    It's all gone down, things have changed a lot as these niche sites are not ranking well in these days. In the past years Google has different algorithms and the Page rank was too happening, but now all dead. I may think PBN too will end up on one day.

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    Google knows that niche websites and micro niche sites are designed to make money online. they does not provide valuable information to the users. Thats why Google doesn't rank these sites. However you can still make out of these sites, if you do it wisely.

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    I build PBN page that google can not recognize it as page PBN. that is money site . true wisdom is that if it can overtake google but when the algorithm change you out soon...

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    There are many legitimate ways to make money online.You can earn through internet by writing blogs,articles,ad-sense,affiliate marketing and other such ways.I work from my home and will share my experience.I have been into online business for the past few years,I do reselling business with ,I chose this business because there was no way to get scammed if we found a legit reselling company.It is very easy to make a good turnover because the cost for each service is fixed by reseller and also it has a fixed commissioned pay for each sale.The customer service and payment is handled by the reselling company and hence I just have to promote the services.

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    Yeah, there are really freaking a lot of ways to make money online actually... But anyway u're gonna need a good team(for better results). While I was looking for mine(it's not so easy), accidentally got this article , it helped me a lot. Try, have 2 read!

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    I disagree with a lot of the replies posted here, being that niche websites are going down hill. From my experience its all about choosing the right niche as this single point will determine your income. The next step is to then target long tail keywords which are specifically targeted at your individual niche. By using the combination of these two you will see a drastic improvement.


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