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    Choose PayPal, it takes less fees.

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    It all depends really on your personal preference and all the payment processors you mentioned have different fees as well. For Paypal the fee for each transaction is 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive. For Payza the fee for each transaction is the same as Paypal, and for Skrill the fees are free to receive funds to your skrill wallet, 1.9% to send to some other Skrill wallet, and about $5 to withdraw to bank. So from the fee structure based on these payment processors I would probably go with Skrill. I have not used Skrill before however so for ease of use I would go with Paypal.

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    For now, I'm sticking with PayPal and Stripe. Together, they get the job done.
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    I use paypal many years till now.And i faced lot of problem's of it.Last time they need my credential's then i send them all my document's.They remove limit's.After that another problem.They ask me if i am a US citizen i said no.Limitation removed.Lately another limit appear they need another document's.Hope i will success this time.Even i face and encountered this problem i still preferred paypal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sudhircev View Post
    Choose PayPal, it takes less fees.
    i agree with you :)

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    I think paypal is the best one.

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    As everybody said, PayPal is the way to go, but PaySafeCard is also a nice alternative.


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