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    Nov 2012

    VPS Control Panel

    What is your choice for VPS Control Panel? I've had Parallels in the past which I loved because I do not need simple. However, my VPS was moved to a newer and faster server recently but now has OpenVZ which I am not real happy with. One of the reasons is it does not show cpu usage which Parallels does.

    It does offer the option to set up reverse DNS but it doesn't work. So my upstream provider must have it disabled. Since I pay for those IP's I should be able to set up reverse DNS on them.

    I would like to hear other thoughts on this.

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    Free edition: Kloxo
    Paid edition: Cpanel
    Some personal experience, wish can help u.

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    Mine is Kloxo as it takes less space for installing and have similar specifications against Cpanel If the space is large I would like to go with paid version of Cpanel.

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    +1 for Kloxo. Its updated regualary and easy to use.


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