Here is a list of my article "requirements" checklist to meet before submitting articles.

I created this list to ensure greater reader engagement and exposure.

The following is that list:

1) Low Competitive Keyword : this will help ensure higher search engine rankings.

2) Optimized keyword : place keywords in the right spots! (Title, first sentence of first paragraph, 6-7% throughout article, end of article, and post tags.)

3) Unique information : create informative content that is unique from your other posts. Be sure to keep readers interested as well as informed! Treat them like you would want to be treated yourself. Give them something new and beneficial all the time!

4) List form : in my opinion, lists are great! A list is easy to read and looks better than huge paragraphs. I'm sure many people have heard this idea before!

5) Bold : this is a good way to highlight main points and grab your readers' attention as well. Looks more attractive too!

6) Numbers : this goes along with list form and bold. Great for reader engagement (attractive look) and highlighting main points.

7) Incentive : if you're marketing a product, you may consider marketing strategies to motivate your buyers to click your link. Create an incentive to take action at the conclusion or resource box of your article. It could be as simple as "learn more at … that will make a difference.

8) Grammar/Flow : Quickly make your point across by using good grammar and flow. Your readers aren't looking to learn rocket science. Chances are, they are not going to spend hours on your post but rather are in a hurry to learn something new and beneficial in the fastest time possible.

9) Link Clusters : link clusters increase your search engine rankings for a specific post. To execute this method, have a link in one of your posts, redirecting to another one of your posts, with the title of that redirected post. For example, create a link pointing to an article called "make money at online ideas, using the keywords "make money at online ideas. In other words, use the keyword "make money at online ideas in 5 different posts and link them to your article "make money at online ideas.

10) Picture : adding a picture is a great way to grab readers' attention. This is especially true for social media sites like Twitter and Stumble Upon. I am sure your readers will follow through your link, never failing to take a few seconds to glance at that glaring picture (the more interesting the picture the better!).

11) Bookmarks : To increase exposure, add social media bookmark buttons attached to your posts. Twitter and stumble upon are good choices. They are well known and adding them to your posts will make it easy for readers to share your content fast.

12) Optimized Article Title : format your title to attract viewers. Use "powerful words such as "free or "secrets. Use "How To Blah Blah Blah Or "10 Ways To Blah Blah Blah. These are a few good methods among many which I have mentioned in another posting.

13) Long Title : in my experience, posts with longer titles seem to attract more viewers. I guess longer length titles tend to be noticed.