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    What are the best ideas to invest money?

    Hey there,

    What can I do to invest $800 into a niche site and get income from it monthly

    I am not a writer so I definitely will need to hire good writers to write content on my sites.
    I have ideas
    1. Creating a Clickbank affiliate review website
    2. Creating a Amazon affiliate review website
    3. Making a Adsense target website, buy a theme and hire writers to write articles

    What are the best ideas to invest money? Please give me your best advice!

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    You have $800 that is some low budget you should increase somewhere $2000 for making profits every month.
    For affiliate programs you have to review by yourself buying those products.
    Creating amazon sites worked in those days and it is tough to rank currently.
    Making an Adsense site is too dumb, because of low cost per click from last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exit33 View Post
    What can I do to invest $800 into a niche site and get income from it monthly
    I'm afraid it's not that easy. If it was, we would all just do that and retire. :)

    If you want to make one dollar a month for your $800 investment, perhaps there are some options, but that doesn't sound like a very good investment to me...

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    I think he can make somewhere $5 per day from that amount after a couple of months, bu that investment is good for people those who want to give startup in business.
    I had started in Internet Marketing without a penny and now making around $50 per day.

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    Interesting. suresh, where/what do you market?

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    Please share More Information about this topic..!!

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    With such a short budget I would invest it all in linkbuilding and guest blogposts for seo purpose. Why? 800 bucks will buy you a nice amount of non targeted traffic (wich won't convert in sales) and your budget will be gone in days. Spend it on SEO however, will earn your investment back in the long run.

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    What are the best ideas to invest money?

    I think to create a campaign on Facebook is the best idea to invest money. Here you can get more profit for your business. I suggest you look for the best facebook ads. I am using this application for every campaign whichever I created before. This is an application for Spy on your competition's best ads strategies and uses them for your own business. It is helpful for you to create best facebook campaign. I hope this post is helpful for you.

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    There are plenty of viable options you can use to create passive income online, right now. You have many different choices, but my personal favorite is affiliate marketing and selling products on Amazon.


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