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    Which Web 2.0 Site is best for SEO Link-building?

    Hello friends,

    Which Web 2.0 site is best to increase the site backlinks & traffic in less time?

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    Submit to all web 2.0 sites manually and check the traffic,later post your results here. My favorite was propeller and it is closed long back. Now you can use Tumblr and stumble upon for fast traffic.

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    Jan 2016
    Reddit, Stumbleupon, twitter and Pinterest are the best sites for gaining traffic in no time. Still there are more like Digg that will offer even more traffic if your story gone to front page.

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    Tumblr.com is best

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    Tumblr.com and Stumbleupon are best web 2.0 sites for SEO link building

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    I think Blogger.com is best

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    Stumbleupon is best

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    Wordpress and Blogger are best sites for SEO link building

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    Tumblr, stumbleupon, pintrest is best for web 2.0 it increase traffic and also increase your backlink. These site have much quality traffic.

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    blogger, tumblr, and stumbleupon is the best and recommended


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