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    Jan 2016

    Does anybody using Skrill

    At this forum does anybody using or used skrill? I was using them long back for paying others as Paypal banned for paying with Paypal Balance.If you are using them, then please post the transaction fees either sending or withdrawing .

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    I have had some bad experiences with skrill. There customer support is pathetic. I suggest you to stay away from them.
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    We are using The skrill Gateway is good for payment processing and also fast deleivery , and also good support

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    Dec 2016
    Skrill takes very high fees, higer than paypal. Use bitcoin or PayuMoney.

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    Skrill is one of the biggest payment processors in the world. At this moment, you can also use paypal, 2checkout, paymentwall or bitcoin. Do not limit yourself to a single option.

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    You know, I've never used Skrill. For now I think I'll stick with PayPal and Stripe.
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    Using both Paypal and Skrill and I'm happy with both.
    For me skrill seems to be cheaper to use. Smaller fees than paypal.
    The customer support via email sucks unfortunately. You have to call them if you want to get something done.

    Having a skrill mastercard ( instant access to funds is nice) rather than waiting 4 days for a paypal withdrawal. ( idk what happened, pp withdrawal used to take 2 business days, now it takes 4....)
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    I haven't used Skrill sorry, surprised you have a problem using a Paypal balance to pay others - thats one of Paypals best features and allows you to avoid their rip off translation costs, maybe it's related to your location or perhaps i misunderstood.

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    Absolutely i have skrill and i try to withdraw my funds from ptc sites.So smooth and less fee's

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    Omg paypal charging between 4.4% upto 6.5% for Micropayments plus a fixed fee of circa $0.30 -$0.85 plus a cross border fee of about 1% on top for foreign buyers ( even if they are buying in your currency!)

    Thats a massive rip off - boycott Paypal go with Stripe!

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