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    What is Phrase Match?

    What is Phrase Match?

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    Phrase match is a keyword matching process where Google search engine match your ad only your keywords. It this process include a phrase your designates.

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    It is the part of Google Ads. There are 3 main keyword match types: Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match.

    In Google Ads, you specify a phrase match keyword by wrapping it in speech marks, i.e. ?red shoes?.

    Your adverts will now only be triggered by search queries containing the phrase ?red shoes? (or close variants, such as the singular or plural version of a word, stem variations and some acronyms).

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    Phrase match is a keyword matching option whereby Google matches your ad only against keywords that include a phrase you designate. Google defines the phrase matching option as: ... Phrase match is more targeted than broad match, but more flexible than exact match.

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    Phrase match is used in Google Ads to show a given ad only when users type the exact match or similar variants to the indicated exact keyword phrase. The keywords should be placed in quotation marks. The examples of such close variants can be, for example: misspellings, abbreviations, acronyms, singular and plural forms, or paraphrases.


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