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    What is Site-Wide links In SEO?

    What is Site-Wide links In SEO?

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    Site Wide Links are the links which displays in all the webpages of the website with same keywords and links. It could be the footer links or the widgets.

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    Sitewide links are outbound links that appear multiple times throughout an entire web site or a section of a website. Typically these are links that appear in the footer, sidebar or navigation menu.

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    Sitewide Links are those links which appear on all or most of the pages of the website. These links are usually placed in Footers, Sidebars, or Blogrolls.

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    A sitewide link is one that appears on most or all of a website?s pages. A common area to see sitewide links is in the blogroll that is in the sidebar and appears on every page. You can also get sitewide links from being mentioned in the footer of a site if the site uses a template where the same footer is used for every single page.
    If you are using sitewide or footer links at all, it is now absolutely essential to avoid risky linking practices with these links. Every seasoned SEO will know that there is nothing new about the spam risks of sitewide links.
    A sitewide link on 1000 different pages may not have any more SEO value than a single contextual link in relevant content. On the other hand, sitewide links have a much bigger spam footprint than just about any other type of link.
    Examples of sitewide links:
    1. Footer links are the most common type of sitewide link and one of the most riskier. Just because they?re the most commonly abused and also easier for Google to pick them out as likely paid links.
    2. Sidebar and Blogroll links are the same type of link. As the name implies, these are a list of links on the sidebar of a site that appears on every page. That said, blogrolls can potentially be more dangerous than footer links because whereas a footer has limited space, the blogroll is a vertical list of links and essentially has no limit which makes them easy to acquire in bulk.


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