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    Looking for reseller

    So I'm gonna need a reseller for some design clients, friends, and sites of mine. Any suggestions?
    less than 40/mo
    free whmcs or blesta preferably
    good support
    unlimited accounts or at least 30
    disk space - 150gb or more
    bandwith - not really a concern as long as the disk space requirement is fulfilled
    relatively reputable
    What can you say about and also hosting service? What host is better from your views?


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    While looking reseller hosting services, first thing you have to keep in mind is that your hosting provider should provide quality of hosting services. Speed, security and 24/7 instant support are the most important features that every web hosting provider should provide. For more details, you can visit eukhost reseller hosting plans.

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    Well, I just wanna tell you some words about web hosting provider.
    My website is always up, that is to consider the great network uptime they provide.

    The technical support was very helpful when I needed to consult them in order to discuss different technical issues.

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    Get all packages with 20% discount! Coupon code to use at checkout: B82NC3YRTR

    Absolutely incredible service and customer support. I've been with many hosting providers and have never found a host that offers the service and support I get from Web Host! Uptime and Speed have been superb. I like this host.

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    + one more vote for hosting!
    It is a great deal for my personal web experience in their OpenVZ VPS hosting package.
    After contacting them I got a quick reply that was not automated, but an actual person answering.

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    I would recommend web host to all webmasters all over the world as they give multiple server locations choice. Uptime is good, my web site is up and accessible to my visitors around the whole globe. Pricing is quite normal according to what you get.


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