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    what is pagination in seo?

    what is pagination in seo?

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    Pagination is a series of pages which divides the content and widely used by website to divide the article and product list.

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    Pagination is an ordinal numbering of pages, which is usually located at the top or bottom of the site pages.

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    Pagination is a process which divides content across a series of pages. It is a common and widely used technique for websites to use pagination to divide lists of articles or products into a digestible format. Pagination is most commonly found on the following types of websites: eCommerce. News Publishers.

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    Pagination is the process to separate digitized content or print documents into discrete pages thus presenting the content in limited form. It also refers to the process of adding automated consecutive numbers in order to identify the order of sequential pages. Brief articles are sometimes paginated in order to create content into a single paragraph so that the page views can be increased.
    Pagination is most basically found on the four types of websites:
    2)News Publishers


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